Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Buzz - Janet McTeer - River wants her!

It's all for OUR dogs...finding a film maker who can do it!

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

It's Oscar weekend and while River is passed out in the next room and the wind is ripping up the branches out back here on the east coast, I'm excited.

I love the movies.

This year my vote is on Janet McTeer for best supporting actress in the movie, Albert Nobbs. She plays opposite Glenn Close as the "other" woman pretending to be a man to survive that beautiful yet volatile era. And, McTeer nails it. She plays the role so deftly in the beginning (and with the help of makeup) that you truly don't realize at all that she's a woman until she, in a kismet-like turn of events, has to reveal her breasts to Albert (Close) in order to cement their pact in "hiding" to survive the brutal misogynistic society of the nineteenth-century day. McTeer steals the movie with the nuances of her energy and the way she holds the space in each scene allowing the viewer to feel exactly what it is she is feeling. A kind of acting that comes out of a deep empathy or sympathy for creating a character one becomes. McTeer becomes Mr. Page, the painter and if you haven't ventured out to see this one. Go do it. Get off the computer go to the movies and watch the enormous, inviting, intoxicating verve that this McTeer owns and exudes. You'll fumble all over yourself as you leave the movie feeling her balm for hours - and, for this writer, days. We're pawing it out for you, McTeer. I suddenly feel like we are playing on the same softball team.

River must have felt me whacking away at the keyboard. She just popped up and came in here.

River holds the space for me. She keeps me sane.

While I watch the Oscars tomorrow, I will keep the dream alive and hope that one day we can make it to the big screen. River will likely be at the Rainbow Bridge when that occurs, but her spirit will soar. Her companion dog, Scout, died six years ago from canine cancer. She's wagging her tail in the hopes, too, that our movie can come to fruition.

It took Glenn Close over twenty years to get her dream to the big screen. Albert Nobbs was worth the wait - so was McTeer.

So is River and Piper's Someday.

All our love today to you movie goers!!!

Ruth and River

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  1. Great review! you convinced me. It sounds like a wonderful experience and I love Glen Close.
    Hi River! pat, pat.

    thanks, Barrett