Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Mystic Market and Finding a Screenwriter...

It's all for OUR dogs...

Our goal: To find a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie. If you can help, contact me!

Day 228 of Forever

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

I ran into Tonya, River's oncology assistant, at the movies the other day. We run into each serendipitously around a town of about a million people. Odds. Great odds.

It keeps me on track with what I want in life. Like you, my really cool readers, I just want a regular income stream that will pay the bills, health insurance that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and a head, and all my dreams to come true. Mostly.

Tonya saw me in the foyer of the movie theater and bounded toward me and wrapped her arms around me and asked me how River was. It was impeccable timing. I told her that River is really wonderful. Her hair is all grown in and she waits patiently at home till I get home from work for our jaunt around the neighborhood. The cat drinks from her water bowl, which she allows, and everytime her side itches where she doesn't have a back leg to itch it, either Heather or I will scratch it for her. We love on her and she watches us and is still, in my mind, the most magical dog on the planet. Just like all the other dogs.

All of the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are done. River will never be in hospital again, regardless of what happens. The last time she was there, I could tell she was "done"...she'd had enough. So, while we love the oncology team at the VEC, River and I both know that she will not be back. We have let the cancer go and we are just trying to live each day the happiest we can make it.

This month, I ran into a young woman at a jewelry store where I was trying to get a client. She said that she could write screenplays, so I returned the next day and gave her my last copy of Piper's Someday I had. She had been hyper excited the day before, but something tells me that I won't probably get a screenplay from her. Oh, well, she has the book and perhaps she will read it and share it with others.

I am in search of a screenwriter who wants to write a feature film. Perhaps if that is done in the course of our "228 days to forever" then it will be one of our first baby steps.

At nineteen, I wanted to write a book. It took me twenty years to get my first one published. Next month, will mark my fifth book coming out: The Mystic Market. The universe can be slow...so, while River's time may be 6 months or 36 months, I am making the commitment to keep the dream alive for her and other dogs who suffer from canine cancer or who, really, suffer from any disease.

By the way, Heather and I saw "The Help" for the second time on Sunday. If you have not seen it, go. It will remind you of the courage of the human spirit that resides in all of us...that resides in our animals, too - the animal spirit of course.

River gives me all the hope in the world that her dream is easy, doable, but only with the help of anyone who wants to join our small cause. Small causes dabbled with enough persistence and hope, after all, can make dreams come true.

For today, River and I know our readers are believers in our cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

All our love,

Ruth and River

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  1. It's always wonderful to read your posts. Another terrific example of "triumph of the human spirit" and an inspiration.
    Ironically, next month I will be attending a script writing class. Not sure what I'll learn but maybe I can practice on "Piper". No promises, but it's a great story.
    Stay well, y'all!