Friday, August 5, 2011

Melissa Etheridge and an Update on River...

It's all for OUR dogs...

Our goal: To find a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie. If you can help, contact me!

Day 210 of Forever

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

Hello to all of River's loyal followers...

Melissa Etheridge is a Goddess! I saw her last night for about the 40th time in my Melissa-drooling career of being a stalker from the front row - she ignites you and you leave thinking that you and Melissa and all of those adoring fans can somehow change the world. It's that electrifying.

I have again been bitten by the Melissa bee. She has stung me with her magical music, her magical lore, her magical self.

I want to quit my day job, start a commune for dogs and people, eat from my self-planted garden that I tend everyday, then meditate using sage and essential oils from Ecuador. Your get the gist. After that, I will learn C, D, and G chords on my acoustic 12-string guitar and see if I can emulate that crazy rocker I adore.

Anyone want to join me? River is included.

Speaking of sparks. She is great. I wish I were home more to take her for jaunts...but on the weekends, we (Heather and I) take her to the park and for small walks in the neighborhood. During the week, Gabriel still harrasses her on her bed and speeds deftly away while she lies on her big bed in the living room thinking, "Not again, really?"

After seeing Melissa last night, I was reminded of dreams. Reminded of mine. It brings me back here to my blog and I see that I really do want to do this full-time. I wish a blog and my books could pay the bills...but being a full-time Aflac insurance agent will have to do for now.

I will keep dreaming like Melissa asked us all to do last night. I will dream of days when dogs are cancer free, humans are cancer free, and the end of the ego will finally, as Eckhart Tolle writes, give us peace on earth.

Till then, I will dream of continuing to get River's story on the big screen or the medium screen or on any screen anyone can direct us to.

I just need a willing screenwriter, a producer, and lots of support from people like you reading this blog.

So, for today. Rock on Melissa. Thank you for your soul, gift, and kindness to the world.

Rock on River for the same.

Love to you all,

Ruth and River


  1. Nice to hear from you guys. Sounds like you're keeping busy. We'll keep crossing fingers that the right person, at the right time, will hear your call.

  2. Sounds like life is treating all of you well, thanks for the update.