Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey...Psst...Pass this blog dog lovers!

It's all for OUR dogs...

Our goal: To find a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie. If you can help, contact me!

Day 166 of 365

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

I will tell you one thing: working more than ten-hour days sucks donkey poo. While I'm helping people with Aflac, which I love, I'd rather be hanging out at the house with River and Gabriel.

So, some good news. My fifth novel, The Mystic Market, is back in the hands of that deft Katherine Forrest and will be out this fall. I'm officially calling all of my lesbian author friends to the Fountain Bookstore for an event in Richmond if you want to fly, teleport, paddle, or just plain drive here. They want us there and Kelly Justice is the bomb of an indie bookstore owner. My namaste-o-meter always goes "wang" when I see her and chat with her.

Enough of me.

I went by ROSMY (The Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth) yesterday to talk to the executive director, Beth Panilaitis, about getting our groove on with my new book and with the LGBT youth there. I was asked if the movie was in production! Someone is listening.

River is healing everyday and we are still in the mode of asking people if they have connections in Hollywood or anywhere...people who might be interested in her story. She sure has much to say.

I'm cooked but I miss blogging...I am reaching out the best way we know how. Even if it's on rare occasions.

For today, River is sending body wags to all of you out there who have been following her story. She's a lovely three-legged dog...even the cat is sleeping with her now.

Ta, ta,

Ruth and River