Friday, March 18, 2011

River - Love your Neighbor!

It's all for OUR dogs...

Our goal: To find a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday  (the book River stars in) into a movie. If you can help, contact me!

Day 70 of 365

Here's how the story begins:   (start here if you are new)

River's wags of wisdom for today: "Romp, stomp, jump, wag, vah, vah voom!"

River played or rather showed off today in the yard for her best friend neighbor, Augie. Augie is a smith of all trades and has a workshop in the back where he molds and shapes wood for guns.

For some reason, when he is outside, River goes nuts like when she sees an errant squirrel. She runs to the fence and barks at Augie, "Hey, Hey, Hey...I'm right here. Hey!" And then Augie comes over and pets her till she's satisfied enough. She not only flirts with the backdoor neighbor dogs and the side door neighbor dogs, but she flirts with Augie. She loves to have him scratch her ears and neck and he does so lovingly and willingly.

Augie does not know that I blog about River or that we have a vision quest. I leave that to my online friends and to the ones who have known River since I first got her. He just loves on her and she loves it. In the middle of the night sometimes when I have to get up and let her out, she will run to that side of the yard and bark, hoping Augie will awaken and come out in his slippers and give her a pat or two on the head.

Of course, I shush her all the way back in the house with my sweatshirt on and in my oversized boxer shorts and barefeet. We have a bit of a circus sometimes at two in the morning. Reminds me of the good ole days in college but without all the beer and strange people.

Heather just kicked on the air conditioner as it got to over 80 degrees in Richmond today. The house is warm and River is, of course, we do things in line with what she needs. Heather is sweet that way.

At two this morning, I will awaken, freezing and put on my sweatpants, my sweatshirt, and my northface jacket just to walk to the back door to let River out for her bark at Augie and my shushing.

In Virginia, we do a lot of things in reverse. When the A/C hits, I head for the feetie pajamas and hot chocolate. River will bask on the hardwood floors and dream of an errant midnight squirrel perhaps, and a trip to the fence.

Till tomorrow,

Love your animals and send us your pics!

Ruth and River

Sweet girl.

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