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River - Love to Amelia Newsom

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Day 65 of 365

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River's wags of wisdom for today: "Remember your friends."

Today, Heather and I went to Amelia Newsom's memorial service in Deltaville, Virginia. A small fishing community composed of some very sweet southern people who Amelia touched in her 67 years with us. There and in Richmond.

I never met Amelia. I just know her daughter, Linda. Linda is a close friend and her partner Lori is as well. They both have touched me in more ways than I can count.

When Piper's Someday was released in 2007, Linda and Lori were at the forefront of helping to get the release party underway. We partnered with the Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth and Linda and Lori were there with me every step of the way while we filled out addresses, sent invitations, and made party plans.

Having Linda there was like having, I don't know, a steadfast pillar of love, kindness, and support. She's a genius with a spreadsheet and is quite beautiful and funny.

I imagine she got this kind of genuine hardwork and tenacity and devotion from her mother. You see, the church today was filled with over 250 people and Heather and I sat in the balcony. I sat in awe as I peered over the congregation below, shoulder to shoulder.

Amelia read my books. This is the one thing I knew for sure besides the testimonials that were spoken about or read from the altar. I watched her husband of 48 years and their children (Linda and Lori side by side) in the front row. Every now and again, Lori would put her arm around Linda and I would see the oldest son put his arm around his father.

Today, I drove back to Richmond with Heather and felt a lightness about us. We stopped in Urbanna and had a late, late lunch. The waitress fed us cheesburgers and turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes. We watched the tragedy of the tsunami unfold on CNN.

When the sun set today, I thought of my friend - Linda. I think of her and how the ripple effect of what we all do comes from the people who encircle us.

My mother took care of River today while we were gone. My mother is 72 years old. She's my best friend. Amelia was Linda's best friend.

I wish we had all met one another.

In spirit, I guess, we have already.

Love to Amelia today and all that she did for the goodness of our planet,

Ruth and River

River says, "I love you, Amelia...thank you for reading the books!"

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Love, love.

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