Saturday, February 12, 2011

River - Out for a Jog...Day after Chemo!

Day 38 of 365

For Newbies: Here's how the story begins:

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "Take mom for a walk - strike that - a run."

Since yesterday was kind of a heavy day at the Emergency Vet, we decided to do a gallop around the 'hood...check out my three-legged wonder dog.

Thanks to an anonymous donor who has sent in some funds to
in River's honor.

Little by little, River is making a difference. Today, she would like for you readers out there to pass this along to just one friend if you can.

Love, Love,

Ruth and River

For more information on Piper's Someday, please go to my Web site: or to

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