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River - Her Oncologist Speaks...Go Dr. Fulmer!

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Day 54 of 365

Here's how the story begins:   (start here if you are new)

River's wags of wisdom for today: "When your oncologist agrees to have coffee with your mom...stay at home and wait for the news."

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Amanda Fulmer is that she's completely, I mean, completely approachable. There's an old quote by an unknown that says, "those who are truly great are those who are most approachable."

Dr. Fulmer is just that - great and approachable.

Today, she took an hour on her day off (she works 12-hour days by the way) to talk with me about a separate project that I'm working on for my publisher. Covert ops right now. But what I wanted to do is share with all of you that she's one concerned, appreciative and knowledgeable doctor. She cares for River every couple of weeks when she has to administer her chemotherapy and so when I asked her if she wanted to get together to talk about another gig, she completely got it.

Don't you love it when people just get it?

Dr. Fulmer is the only, I mean the only, oncologist in the Richmond area. This means that a) she's up on the cancer gig and b) she's a smarty. When I first met Dr. Fulmer, I thought she was an associate or a tech because she's looks to be about 24...she's not. She's married and is in her thirties and is new to the Richmond area. You won't believe where she's from.

Hope, Arkansas. I dropped my dentures.

Just what River ordered...a doctor from Hope to help her out. She explained to me that when she was in vet school that surgery wasn't her cup of tea. Standing in scrubs for hours (with that mask and all) didn't fit what it was that she wanted. I may get this wrong, but when she heard an oncologist speak at either her school or a conference, she said that she immediately knew that's what she wanted to do. So, she deals with cancer - helping animals palliatively and diagnosing and treating the disease.

I think cancer is one of the worst illnesses a human or animal can get. When you get it and you get an oncologist assigned to you, it seems that that particular doctor is gifted with an intuitive sense of the whole picture - not just the disease. Caring for the patient also includes caring for the family - or the owner. Although, I don't pretend to own my dog, rather she owns the contribution she's making in my life and in others.

Dr. Fulmer is gifted. You have to be if you're the only oncologist around. She's cogent, adroit, speaks well and very much wants to help promote and better the cause for canine cancer. Not only is she from Hope...but she went to LSU to get her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. She practiced in DC after a small surgical stint in North Carolina and then returned to LSU to do her oncology residency and to get board certified. Her special interests "include pain management in cancer patients, histiocytic neoplasia, and palliative treatment for end-stage patients." I know this because she's on the medical advisory board of Fetch A Cure ( and that's what it says. I'm not sure what histiocytic neoplasia is...but, I'm not worried. Fulmer knows.

So, love your local, talented oncologist at the VEC (Virginia Emergency Center).

She's cool. She's approachable. And, I hope anyone in my spot gets to meet her and work with her. Richmond, Virginia and its animal owners are in a much better place now that Dr. Fulmer has joined our vet ranks.

River thinks she's a star.

Love to you all today,

Ruth and River

River looks like she just ate a goat in this pic. All the other ones had too many red, this is what we got for today.

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We love all of you. Thanks for reading.

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