Sunday, February 20, 2011

River - Getting Help from a GREAT FRIEND!

Remember the goal:Finding a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...if you can help, contact me!

Day 46 of 365

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

River's wags of wisdom for today: "Friends always know when to show up and make a contribution."

Today we are ASTOUNDED that a generous donor has sent in to a "significant" donation to help with people who struggle financially with their pets suffering from canine cancer. Veronica (I'm leaving out her last name) sent in enough money for one round of chemotherapy treatment to the "Companions in Crisis" fund and she also sent in a general donation to FetchACure. This means that Veronica sent in over $500.00 at least.

I got the letter in the mail this afternoon from Fetch.

Veronica is an angel. Veronica is a dog lover. This post is for her and the loving heart she has for our cause, the loving heart she has for her own animals. I hope that the money she sent in to Fetch will help a young child witnessing this to know that there is hope in spite of financial need. That people out there really care.

I am speechless. I can't believe that large amount was sent in. Even if our ultimate goal never becomes a reality, it has all been worth writing about over these last 45 days.

Today, Veronica made the world a better place.

Today, River fetches for her.

Thank you, Veronica.


Ruth and River

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