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River - Back to Harvey Milk...Back to Hope!

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Day 43 of 365

Here's how the story begins: (start here if you are new)

River's wags of wisdom for today: "Remember - even in your dreams."

Harvey Milk feels like an old friend.

When my partner and I visited San Francisco last fall for the first time, we got lost in the Castro but didn't let that stop us. We just walked, talked, took pictures and looked for a good place to eat.

1978 was a while ago...but Harvey Milk felt alive and well as we meandered through the streets feeling like we were in a foreign world way away from Virginia where things always seem sticky and old and musty yellow, like a history book that has sat on the shelf for a hundred years.

By accident, we ended up at the camera shop where Harvey did a lot of his political work (as a headquarters of sorts) and I got chills as my partner took a picture of me by the door, the threshold where he'd stepped across as an unknown and then as an icon, probably thousands of times.

You're probably thinking, "what does this have to do with River?" I guess it's what he (Milk) delivered to all of us. A feeling that everything could and would be okay. His charisma exuded out and into the streets of San Francisco, out and into the streets of California, the USA...and, now all over the world. He gave us something to hang onto, a belief in the face of grueling circumstances...a belief that we would prevail even if he so prophetically believed that he would not (in body that is).

I lost a bit of hope last Friday as I endured a back to back migraine and then a UTI. Ugh. My physical maladies go on a bit...but the eyesight scares me the most. I'm glad the eye injections have worked and perhaps in a few years, stem cell research will help my right eye. Funny. I wouldn't take a billion dollars for my eyes. I wouldn't take a billion for River.

When things look down, I try to find examples of people like Harvey Milk, or the humor of Joy Behar or Ellen (a hero, too), or my editor (Katherine Forrest) who cracks me up, or my publisher who continues to believe in my writing, my mission. I also believe that phone calls from friends can last weeks in fond the one I got from KG today in Florida. I'm proud she will be keynote speaker at GCLS this year...she's a hottie and is always funny. I've always looked up to her.

I digress. This is about my pooch...because I remember back to the week in December when she first came home from surgery and she was lying stapled up and bloody and then came hopping in my room to lie near me in the dark. The migraine was pounding - but,  I put my hand down on her furry body and we connected. Like she's trying to connect with all of you who read this. Solace.

We are going back to River's history tomorrow...back to her Delta days and a few good stories about when we first went to the elementary school to visit children with autism.

I can't wait to tell you about the young boy who spent the entire time trying to kiss River on the mouth and then when he did, I thought he would flip out of his skin he was so happy.

Till tomorrow. River is giving us (and me) hope...hang on, hang always gets better.


Ruth and River

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