Saturday, January 8, 2011

River's Journey to me and to the book Piper's Someday

Day 3 of Trying to Find a Film Producer in Hollywood or beyond...

(Here's how the story begins:

She's a foot away. Belly full of chicken and kibble. Her eyes are heavy. The scab on her pelvis is healing...

For the next few days, those of you following this blog (thank you to my now 23 followers...woo hoo! We love you) River would like to tell you a bit of how she came to me and how she became a character in a book.

First, however...River's daily message: "Wag your's connected to your heart and spirit."

Thanksgiving of 2002, I went with my dog, Scout, to the SPCA here in Richmond. I was looking for a companion dog for her while I was teaching school. I went with a friend and she pointed to a solemn, scrawny shepherd mix in a cage in the back of the premises. I really wanted a puppy - something six weeks old or twelve weeks. The lady said that "Stacy" (River's girlish name) had come to them from the city pound where they euthanize animals regularly. The SPCA had scouted her out and thought she was adoptable. We were sent with "Stacy" and my dog, Scout, to the room where they close the sale out. River (a name I got from my friend's sweatshirt) was pacing around the room with tons of anxiety but also with a very sweet countenance. She was submissive to Scout and craved attention from everyone in the room - like a pinball, she bounced from the SPCA closing agent, to me, to my friend and then to Scout. Scout turned her head and looked at me and said, "What are you thinking? I'm getting along fine without anyone else." That was about what I gathered.

But, I couldn't help myself.

Seventy-five dollars later, I put River in the truck with Scout and went home to celebrate. What I remember most that Thanksgiving weekend was that River had a bunch of energy. When I got home from school on the Monday following the turkey, the loving, the playing...something was very, very wrong.

More tomorrow. But, let's just say that the entire contents of every trashcan was spewed all over the floor and phone wires were pulled away from the tacks and paint that had held them there for thirty years.

Ruh, roh.


Ruth and River

p.s. For those of you just joining, you can catch the start of the blog to figure out what's happening...we're trying to raise awareness for canine cancer in a BIG way.  That way is to find a producer to make a film about Piper's Someday...a book that has River as the star.

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