Monday, January 10, 2011

River's Journey to me and Piper's Someday continues...

Day 5 of Trying to Find a Film Producer in Hollywood or beyond...

(Here's how the story begins:

I did notice that on the You Tube video from yesterday that the Penguin pretty much stole the show...and the cat - Gabriel. See the post below for the film. See, this is the reason we need a producer. But, we'll carry on and see what more footage we can come up with. Watch for more videos to come!

I now have 27 followers...Yahoo! You guys are wonderful...thank you.

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb who will make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "When someone points a camera at you, make sure your whiskers have been plucked."

The story moves on:

So, when River spent that first weekend with me, I thought she was a licking, wagging, I-want-your-attention, fun-loving dog who had an exorbitant amount of energy. She was. By day three of my return from work, she had learned quite well how to jump the fence. She would sail over it and then run down the tree-lined street to the other brick ranchers in search of children or adults or any squirrel. On one particular Saturday morning, she sailed over the fence, caught a squirrel and brought it back to me, another sail back over. She was a deer, an antelope - full of play.

Scout, my whippet-lab mix, was not impressed with this bad behavior and skulked to the corner and did her gritty, toothy Elvis impression anytime River came near.

I could not contain River. As soon as I would let her out the back door. Gone. See you. Got better things to do than be saddled by that other dog and four walls all day. Twice I was late for school in those early days because she had jumped the fence early in the a.m.

I lost her three times. Once she was returned to the SPCA and they called me. I went with my tail between my legs and retrieved her. On another day, a sweet lady returned her. The lady looked at me up and down - how could I lose this sweet dog? She was six blocks away at a busy intersection sniffing bushes and hanging out with some people at the corner house. I'm surprised she didn't start smoking cigarettes and doing drugs with the homeless people at the intersection near Broad Street.

River was bored. I was busy. Things get crazier before the worst thing possible happens. I thought for sure I would end up in court, litigation, law suits...

More on that tomorrow.

Till then, if you can, please help River and me and canine cancer by forwarding this blog to your friends.

She and I would really appreciate it.


Ruth and River (note that the penguin has been relegated to a spot behind the pillow)

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