Wednesday, January 26, 2011

River wants to share: This one's for Chloe...

Day 21 of 365

For Newbies: Here's how the story begins:

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb or anyone who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "Listen to your two-legged friends...lean in and open your ears."

So, last night I got away for a few hours and chatted with some very cool friends.

One friend in particular shared her dog story with me. I was agog for twenty minutes or more as I listened to her tell the amazing story of her dog, Chloe.

Aren't all dog stories amazing?

You see, Chloe had cancer, too. And, now long after she's made it to the Rainbow Bridge and is frolicking with her doggie comrades, she is speaking to us through her beautiful and talented mom, Mimi.

Mimi and her family got the news that Chloe had lymphoma, which, of course, we all know isn't good. Once cancer gets into your lymph system, it runs a fast and deadly course. Like many, many, many families out there, Mimi and her family had to deal with the cumbersome vet bill that was too exorbitant to pay. Bottomline, they could not afford to keep Chloe alive.

Putting her down was an awful scene, and as Mimi described it to me last night (I will spare the details here), I saw how much she held her sweet dog in the kind of love that is truly unexplainable - there are no words. She held her, made quick tough decisions, and then let her go. Afterwards, she expressed the kind of love she had for Chloe in a piece of art that has long since been bought by an unsuspecting person and is hanging somewhere in this land...where, of course, Chloe still speaks. She spoke through her mom's heart. Now, isn't that amazing.

I get chills.

Chloe is gone in body but lives on in spirit through the story that Mimi told me and through the art she created out of that incredible bond that an owner has with her dog. So, with that in mind, River has decided that she wants to hear more stories. We can't do this mission alone. We need you, the reader of this, to tell your story to us so we can share it with the world - locally, nationally, globally, and universally. It needs to be shared.

Chloe should have stayed with her family longer if there had been resources - known resources. But, at the time, you do what you have to do.

This blog is for Chloe. For her voice. It is for all the joy she brought to Mimi and her family and to all the joy she brings to the owner of that wonderful piece of art. Now, she joins River in spirit (and Scout) on our vision quest.

We ask you today. Who out there would like to share your story of a dog struggle...whether it be through cancer or whatever?

River is listening. She's all ears.

Like an elf.

Love to you

Ruth and River

P.S. If you want to share your story with River, please write to us at my Web site or on Facebook. My web site is (I would put my e-mail here, but would get too much spam).

When you write, please tell me the following:

1. Your Name
2. Your Pet's Name
3. Your story
4. Will you join River, Scout, and Chloe on our vision quest...can we add your dog's name?

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