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Day 14 of 365...We've changed the title of our blog...River likes this one better.
32 rock!

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(Here's how the story begins:

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "Going for a walk is like going to a circus of dog sniffdom - pure bliss!"

It's been two weeks and River is looking at starting chemo on Friday. I just learned today from Fetch's web site that six million dogs will get canine cancer this year. Hello people - 6 million. That's almost an anomaly; most definitely a tragedy. I've been noodling around different web sites and am finding that there are many different canine cancer organizations out there.

One found me.

A reader by the name of Kerry Malak runs the organization named She wrote to me and told me that she would love to assist in any way. Kerry lives in Milwaukee and has quite her own story to share...check out her site if you feel like it. So, wow, more people to help.

I'm elated.

Tomorrow, a gentleman named Kevin Clay, who is the editor and publisher of Gay Richmond VA - is coming with a photographer to interview River and me about our story. He saw our story early on and is coming...I'm putting on make-up and River is making sure there are no sleepies in her eyes.

So, to continue our story of lore here...Scout (my other sweet dog) was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June of 2005. I stated the other day that River went underground - covert "I'm not really around" ops. Scout became my main focus as I waited for my first book to be published and worked at a Title company. We spent thousands in chemotherapy, medications, and chicken and rice and vegetables.

Watching her get sicker and sicker as the year progressed was, to use a banal metaphor, heart breaking, heart wrenching, and heart stopping.

We still walked. I tried to make her life normal...but by February of 2006, I could see that the effects of chemotherapy were making her too sick. I stopped everything and just managed her pain. I wanted her happy, waggy, and free to sniff, lick and snarl at River.

Scout was my good girl. More on her tomorrow...

Till then, please write to me with your suggestions of how we can get a film maker to take notice of my book, Piper's Someday and the prophetic story of River and how she was a star...long before she was a star.

Love to you,

Ruth and River

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