Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 1 of 365...Anyone want to come along?

Day 1.

January 6, 2011

River had her leg amputated three weeks ago and is lying behind my chair as I write this.

We both have a vision quest.

I'm the writer. She's the talker.

River wants everyone to realize that she's actually really good. They removed her left rear leg, a part of her pelvis, and put Kevlar mesh in her abdominal wall to build it up. Almost all of the one hundred staples have been removed. Her spirits are those of doggie spirits...she's on her side - snoring, waiting for a trip to the mailbox, and staying clear of the cat.

She's always been a really good model. Especially when I wrote a book several years ago called Piper's Someday. A book about a young twelve-year-old girl and the journey of a lifetime. The dog in the story has three legs but in a critical moment in the book is actually able to rescue the young heroine.

When River had to get her leg amputated a few weeks back, I realized the prophetic nature of her own dog journey. I realized how the kismet can be called on now to send a message to Hollywood that a story like Piper's Someday would be great for the big screen. Not in an ego way for me. I'm just the conduit who's searching for a job and trying to pay my bills like everyone else.

River sees this as an opportunity to tell a really good story...the story of young Piper and her three-legged dog (who does not die in the story) that has gotten really amazing reviews off an independent press.
I talked to the canine cancer organization here in Richmond called Fetch-A-Cure and told them if we make it to the silver screen, then we'd give them the proceeds from the movie.

I sold my truck. I'm nearly broke. But, my dog means the world to me. I need your help. River may have six months or three years. We just don't really know. But we want to take this opportunity each and every day to talk about getting her story to the BIG Screen...I need help from all my friends out there who have read the book and believe in it. I know of some in South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, and here in the U.S. who have read it and told me they loved it. I sent a copy to Jane Lynch several years ago...maybe she can help. I don't know.

Let's help River. My retired therapy dog who has helped children with autism, people who are bound to wheelchairs, and me. Let's get Hollywood to take notice of this timely story, this timely cause, this kind of cancer that affects dog owner's everywhere.

Will you help? Can you help? We can do it together. I am not sure as to how right now...But, I am taking it one day at a time. Perhaps you can tell your friends and family to read this and get a copy of the book?


Ruth and River
Day 1 of 365


  1. River is a great dog & I will do all i can. Cause I know you would do the same for me if I needed it.

  2. I, too, had a 3 legged dog. I adopted Buddy 10 days after he lost his rear leg when he was set loose in the country and got hit by a car and then the car ran him over. His survival was doubtful and the rescue group vet had to make the determination of whether the dog could survive such a traumatic operation. He survived, he flourished and he became the love of my life. Buddy added love and security to my life for 3 more years, dying peacefully in his sleep when he knew another rescue Golden had come into my life.
    I'll certainly pass the word about River and also encourage my friends to pick up a copy of Piper's Someday. I know they will enjoy it as much as I did. Good luck with this project.

  3. Hey Ruth,
    Maybe you should talk to Nicole Conn, the "Elana Undone" movie director? If she isn't your friend on facebook, just ask her to be yours, tell her you're an author, send her a copy of your book (she'll love it , too), and tell her River's story! Let her make a River and gay women movie, just like the book. She did some fundraising, even on facebook, to realize the movie, so....go for it !!!!
    (tell her everyone in Belgium - who read "Piper's Someday"- just loved it ;) !!!)
    Sending you guys and River big hugs

  4. What about filming River and talking about the book and then putting it on YouTube! It might work.

  5. For all that she has done for others, River deserves to be to tell her story. I have ordered a copy of Piper's Someday and will love reading it I am sure. Someone, somewhere will know how to get the film done. Good luck to you both