Friday, January 7, 2011

Connecting with Celebs: Ellen Degeneres

Day 2.

January 7, 2011

River is lying on her side with three legs stretched out behind my chair as I write her story. Good to have backup.

I'm the writer...again...she's the talker. Body language, of course.

Incredible. I received many notes yesterday from people who read the first blog. Remember: our ultimate goal is to get River's story via my book Piper's Someday to the big screen. We're trying to find connections in Hollywood who will have the ears to hear what many canines are trying to say. River is the conduit, the channeler, per se, to get a great story out there. No ego. No nothing. She's just got a lot to say.

When we suddenly heard that she had to get her leg amputated and part of her pelvis removed, it was a jaw dropper. The therapy dog who has worked with many handicapped people in the Richmond area was now going to have to manage like the others: a bit disabled in body but not in spirit. River can't climb over six-foot privacy fences any more or do some of the tricks she knows because her leg is gone. But today, she says to everyone...

Keep your spirits up. Disabilities aren't debilitating; they're unique ways to show off.

When I asked her if she wanted her story to be told, she licked my face and wagged her tail. Too many of our furry friends both feline and canine die of cancer each year. She lost her sister dog, Scout, four years ago to bladder cancer.

Enough is enough.

While River doesn't miss her leg - she struts forward with both front paws holding her seventy pound shepherd body - she sure wishes she didn't have to go through all of what she did if we somehow had more answers about canine cancer. Perhaps that's a little projection from mom.

So, the book: Piper's Someday to the big screen. How? Connecting with likeminded people. Perhaps in 364 days, we can find a producer who sees and hears what we see in our canine companions. The book is about a three-legged day who saves a young girl (the dog does not die...yeah!).

How can the readers of this blog help? One way we can help is to write to Ellen DeGeneres. Here's how you do it:

1. Go to the following site:
2. Click on the "Be On The Show" ... then click on "Tell Us Your Story"
3. It asks for your name and address...and to even upload a picture. You can copy the one of River from this blog.
4. In the comments section, just copy and paste this blog:
5. You can tell them that it is a wonderful story. You can even link

River knows that her friends and family in Richmond, Virginia and beyond can help get this story out there. She just needs a fighting chance.

All our love to you,

Ruth and River
Day 2 of 365

p.s. Read on for the help I received yesterday:
Yesterday, I asked for help and many of you gave me your ideas. I wanted to share with you what River and I have learned so far...

1. Beth wrote about her three-legged dog buddy and Margot from Belgium told me of a potential director
2. Another friend has a friend in L.A...actually make that, two, and she wants me to send a copy of the book to her.
3. Andi told me of her dog who had cancer surgery last year...
4. We need a YouTube of River...I'm working on it...thanks Gaylin.
5. Anne from Charlottesville told me of Sissy Spacek and her daughter who live there and do a lot of work with animals at the SPCA. River is a rescue dog.
6. Norma from L.A....always is helping me.
7. Kevin is the editor of and is going to interview me about River's story.
8. Several people told me they would get the book.

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  1. I have the book and will spread it around. Much success to River and you, and I am glad to see River up and around and doing so well.