Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canine Cancer Awareness...

Go to http://www.bellabooks.com/ to get a copy of Piper's Someday if you'd like a copy...see Amazon for reviews or my Web site: http://www.ruthperkinson.net/

Day 13 of 365...We've changed the title of our blog...River likes this one better.

We are up to 32 followers! Unbelievable - my stepsister from Kansas just gave me an idea...

Forward this blog to just one or two of your friends! It just takes a minute;)

(Here's how the story begins:  http://ruthperkinson.blogspot.com/2011/01/day-1-of-365anyone-want-to-come-along.html)

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "When wrestling with a stick, stay on all three legs, not just two."

I am spending time researching different canine cancer sites and pooling information. Please send me any canine cancer organizations or even ones that sponsor or support them on any level.

For today, we have some tubage:


Ruth and River (and the cat...who is still chasing River all over the house)

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