Friday, January 14, 2011

Andi Marquette...linking blogs;)

Go to to get a copy of Piper's Someday if you need one.

Day 9 of 365

(Here's how the story begins:

Remember the goal: Finding a producer or celeb who will help make Piper's Someday (the book River stars in) into a movie...

River's words of wisdom for today: "When your path changes direction, pause, take a look back, and then head for the better way."

Today, we are grateful to Andi Marquette, a fellow author who read of River's story and then asked if we would blog on her site for a book giveaway. If you are here reading this now and it is Friday, January 14th, then please go to the link above and sign up for a free signed copy of Piper's Someday. I'll even put a picture of River in there if you like.

So, to recap, we've had a big week. We are taking a look at River's story (which will continue this weekend...remember, it was a bit sketchy that first year I had her and was put to the test when the 95-year-old neighbor thought she was a large squirrel jumping over the fence); we also wrote to Sissy Spacek, and then my mother and I took River for a follow up visit yesterday to get more of her staples out.

My great surgeon, Dr. Barnes at the Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates, advised us that River will have to undergo a few rounds of chemotherapy. He told me that it is the kind of chemo that won't make her sick but will ensure that the cancer is completely gone.

We start soon.

I'm calling on all of you kind readers today to forward this blog and this story to anyone you know who may be interested. Cancer in animals - especially our close furry friends is a hard thing to witness. They are too kind and gentle and soulful to get the disease that is silent till it is almost too late. Silence kills in many ways...

So, River is lying behind me as I finish this post. She just gave a large exhale which tells me to stop writing and take her outside.

She loves (and so do I) all of the people who have come our way to help. Thanks to Andi Marquette for seeing how her story might resonate. Here's to Sissy Spacek getting that letter, here's to the Virginia Surgical Associates staff and doctors who saved and are continuing to save River's life so she can share her story.


Ruth and River (and Gabriel - the cat)

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