Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joel Burns is a great role model...

I get the Courage Campaign e-mails on a regular basis. And, I usually just peruse them quickly and hit delete. Come on...many of us are like that when you sign up for a gazillion notices on what's happening in the world. Just yesterday, I was drinking coffee, editing my fifth book, and trying, as usual, to find the right word to fit.

I decided to check my e-mail because no words were coming and it was late in the day. I'd looked at the birds, taken the dog for a walk, and viewed the same crap in the fridge for the fifteenth time. Then, another e-mail came in from the Courage Campaign...I scanned, scrolled and saw that there was a video link to Joel Burns. Who's he? I thought. I almost hit delete, but then something told me to take a second and read a bit more. Then I saw it was twelve minutes long. Twelve minutes! That's way too long.

No, it's not.

Just give it a whirl.

Bless you!


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